Jimmy Kimmel celebrates his 50th birthday with Ben Affleck and a special edition of Mean Tweets and more

(LOS ANGELES) -- The stars turned out to celebrate and roast Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! With Huey Lewis sitting in with the band, the quinquagenarian announced special guest Ben Affleck and explained that his staff had... Read More

Deadpool breaks sequel news to..."Good Housekeeping"?

(NEW YORK) -- On the heels of one of the most clever, and successful, guerrilla marketing campaigns ever, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is promoting the 2018 sequel as only he would: in an in-character spread in Read More

Daisy Ridley says of "Force Awakens" performance: "I didn't think I was good"

(LONDON) -- While her character Rey became an instant favorite with many fans young and old, Daisy Ridley gave her Force Awakens performance a thumbs-down.

"I didn't think I was good in the first film, and I was struggling with that,"... Read More

"The whole circumstance is sad": Christopher Plummer on subbing for Kevin Spacey in "All the Money in the World"

(LOS ANGELES) -- Christopher Plummer wants to make it clear: isn't replacing Kevin Spacey in the upcoming film, All the Money in the World.

It was announced last week that Plummer, 87, would step in for Spacey, 58, in the Ridley S... Read More

Jack Black challenges Chris Hemsworth to a "battle of the jams" over Led Zeppelin song in "Thor: Ragnarok"

(LOS ANGELES) -- Jack Black thinks Chris Hemsworth jacked his style and he's challenging the Thor: Ragnarok star to a "battle of the jams."

On Saturday, Black -- one half of the faux metal duo Tenacious D -- posted a video t... Read More

"Supergirl" star responds after showrunner is accused of sexual harassment

(LOS ANGELES) -- On Sunday night, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist, tweeted that she will return to work on the show, “e... Read More

"The Walking Dead" Recap - "Some Guy"

(NEW YORK) --  Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead began with a flashback sequence: King Ezekiel waking up and dressing in his armor, before the operation that ended in the last episode with his people getting cut down by a .50... Read More

John Lithgow can totally relate to his "Daddy's Home 2" character

(NEW YORK) -- Fathers, family, and the battle for holiday supremacy: Daddy's Home 2 takes a funny look at the most wonderful time of the year. The sequel to the 2015 original stars Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg -- this time dealing with the... Read More

Terry Crews drops talent agency amid sexual harassment allegations

(LOS ANGELES) -- After filing a report with the Los Angeles Police Department against a Hollywood executive who allegedly sexually assaulted him last year, Terry Crews reportedly has parted ways with the William Morris Endeavor talent agency.

Read More

"Star Trek" star George Takei says he's "shocked and bewildered" by sexual assault claim

(LOS ANGELES) -- Star Trek actor George Takei is denying allegations that he sexually assaulted a former model and actor in his Los Angeles home back in the 1980s.

Scott R. Brunton told Read More

Don't touch her hair: Fashion magazine apologizes to Lupita Nyong'o after Photoshopping her hair

(LOS ANGELES) -- U.K. magazine Grazia learned the hard way that you don't touch a black woman's hair.

For their November 2017 cover, the magazine used a digitally altered image of Lupita Nyong'o, which showed the actr... Read More

More Louis C.K. fallout: FX, publicist/agent, management company cut ties

(LOS ANGELES) -- The FX television network, home to several series Louis C.K. produces, has cut ties with the comic and actor in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct, allegations C.K. himself confirmed.

FX and FX Productions issued a ... Read More

Mel Gibson is back to comedy with "Daddy's Home 2" -- and maybe back to "Lethal Weapon"?

(NEW YORK) -- Mel Gibson's multiple-Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge was hailed for its unflinching look at one of the bloodier battles of World War II, but he switched gears for his follow-up, this weekend's comedy release Daddy's Home 2... Read More

"These stories are true": Louis C.K. confirms accusers' stories in "New York Times" piece

(NEW YORK) -- After a New York Times article that alleged multiple women, including fellow comedians Dana Min Goodman, Julia Wolov, Abby Schachner, and Rebecca Corry, were subjected to unwanted sexual advances from L... Read More