Woman suffering diabetic shock airlifted by Coast Guard from Royal Caribbean cruise ship

(NEW YORK) --  A 75-year-old woman experiencing diabetic shock was airlifted by the U.S. Coast Guard Saturday morning from a cruise ship located approximately 100 miles east of Cape Hatteras, Nor... Read More

Grieving mom meets little girl whose beating heart came from her daughter

(CLEVELAND) -- A grieving mother has met the child whose life was saved thanks to the donation of her little girl's heart.

Mothers Amber Travaglio and Ashlyn Richardson embraced in a tearful first meeting Feb. 8, one year after the heart o... Read More

Animal-loving friends come together to save sick cat

(NEW YORK) -- What would have been a routine visit to her local animal shelter turned into an emotional experience for Elaine Seamans.

A stray cat that had recently been brought to the shelter stopped Seamans in her tracks as she walked pa... Read More

Woman attempts to conquer her lifelong fear of heights live on “GMA”

(NEW YORK) — A woman who suffered from severe acrophobia conquered her fear of heights by facing her anxieties head-on as part of a new Good Morning America campaign that launched Friday called "Face Your Fears."

Jane Fisher... Read More

Teen's rescue highlights dangers of riding snowmobiles on ice

(WATERBORO, Maine) — Three good Samaritans rescued a teenage girl after she was thrown off a snowmobile into a frozen lake in Waterboro, Maine.

The three rescuers — Brandon Jackson, Bill Rodgers and Taylor Dion — were fis... Read More

Mother of 4 gets life-saving heart transplant after surviving 2 heart attacks

(AUSTIN, Texas) -- A Texas woman is hoping to raise awareness about heart disease after she survived two near-fatal heart attacks, underwent a heart transplant and lost her mother to a heart attack
in a single year.

Kristen Patton, 4... Read More

Couple reveals pregnancy with twins in amazing photo with 452 IVF needles

(THE WOODLANDS, Texas) -- One Texas couple is finally expecting not just one, but two babies, after struggling with infertility for two years.

Lauren Walker shared her story, with a moving photo featuring two onesies and 452 needles used f... Read More

Flu-related doctor visits cut by 48% thanks to vaccine, study finds

(NEW YORK) -- If you've been spending flu season living in fear of getting sick every time someone near you coughs or sneezes, researchers have good news about the flu vaccine.

The current seasonal influenza vaccine has been found to be 48... Read More

For children who survive gun violence, healing from a bullet wound is just 'the beginning of their suffering'

(CHICAGO) — Three children have died from gun violence in Chicago this week, a city that has seen a record number of shootings and homicides in the last year.

There were 762 homicides and 4,367 shootings in Chicago in 2016, police sa... Read More

Your Body: Facts about the flu virus

DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

The only thing that’s predictable about the flu is that we will have a flu season every year.

January through March tends to be peak flu season, so if ... Read More

Transplant patient holds her own heart after life-saving operation

(NEWARK, N.J.) -- For decades, Lisa Salberg, 48, has grappled with complications from a dangerous form of heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. She had a stroke at 21 and multiple
operations over the years to try and preserve her he... Read More