Graduating student inspired to become a nurse after open heart surgery 10 years ago

(BOWIE, Md.) -- One nursing student, who is set to graduate Tuesday, was inspired to choose the selfless profession after her open heart surgery 10 years ago.

That's when Linette Iloh met t... Read More

Teacher's uplifting art project reminds students of their uniqueness

(NEW YORK) -- One art teacher has inspired her entire school to embrace their unique gifts and talents.

Jessica Moyes, who's worked six years at Sharon Elementary School in Newburgh, Indiana, wanted each student leave their mark on the sch... Read More

How to protect your family during tick season

(NEW YORK) -- As temperatures rise and kids and pets across the U.S. return to playing outdoors, they're more likely than ever to come in contact with ticks. And in some cases, experts warn, the dangers could be fatal.

Last week in Oregon... Read More

Hollywood executive's mysterious, almost fatal, illness led to a life-changing hand transplant

(NEW YORK) -- Jonathan Koch was at the top of his game as a successful Hollywood entertainment executive when his life suddenly came to a screeching halt. He became gravely ill and his body was quickly shutting down, but doctors couldn’t figure... Read More

2 teachers dismissed after student with ADHD receives award for 'Most Likely to Not Pay Attention'

(ATLANTA) -- Two Atlanta-area middle school teachers have been dismissed of their duties after an eighth-grader with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder received the "Most Likely to Not Pay Attention" award earlier this week at a school assembly... Read More

Girl with rare disease singing "Overcomer" in viral video meets Grammy winner behind song

(OAKLAND, Calif.) -- Earlier this year, 4-year-old Leah Carroll, a California child who has a rare blood disease, lifted spirits worldwide when her rendition of the song "Overcomer" by Grammy winner Mandisa went viral.

But this week, it wa... Read More

Single father creates a safe haven for children with autism to play together online

(TIMMINS, Ontario) -- A single father quit his job to operate a Minecraft server specifically for children and adults with autism to play the popular multiplayer game with each other, and ended up creating an online community and safe haven on the in... Read More

Single mosquito bite might be enough to transmit multiple viruses, study finds

(NEW YORK) -- Mosquito bites aren't just a nuisance but can be a serious public health threat as seen during the mosquito-borne Zika outbreak that spread through much of the globe last year.

A new study published Friday in the Nature Commu... Read More

Strangers honor lives of twin babies with random acts of kindness

(FIRESTONE, Colo.) — Strangers, friends and family are performing random acts of kindness in memory of twin boys who lost their lives months after they were born.

Brothers Luke and Liam Kawulok died after being diagnosed at birth wit... Read More

Obsessed video gamer dad tries to give up games for 90 days

(NEW YORK) -- Maria isn’t a single mother -- it just often seems that way.

That’s because she says her husband, Chris, has spent several hours or more a day playing video games in the basement while she takes care of their four... Read More

Teen who dropped out of school to play video games goes through treatment

(NEW YORK) -- By the time Al and Christine’s son Josh was 14 years old, he was so consumed with playing video games that he stopped going to school.

"He just said, 'Hey, I’m dropping out,'" his father Al told ABC News 20/20... Read More