Ohio teacher to donate kidney to 10-year-old girl

(REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio) -- A 10-year-old girl in Ohio is receiving the gift of life from a fourth-grade teacher at her school.

Alana Brown said she and her daughter, Eva, are beyond grateful to Tanya Thomas, a teacher at Slate Ridge Elementar... Read More

Kim Kardashian West slammed for promoting appetite suppressants

(NEW YORK) -- One way that Kim Kardashian West earns money is by promoting products on Instagram, but this time, some say she's gone too far.

The reality TV star, who boasts 111 million followers on the social media platform, deleted a spo... Read More

Stroke risk could be cut by adding anti-clot drug to aspirin, study finds

(NEW YORK) -- A stroke can be a life-changing event that can have permanent effects and the risk of having another stroke is high, especially in the first few months afterwards.

But there may be a way to help reduce that risk further, by a... Read More

What parents and educators should know about the 2nd season of '13 Reasons Why'

(NEW YORK) -- When “13 Reasons Why” premiered last year on Netflix, the series quickly drew controversy for its storyline centering on a high school student who commits suicide.

Schools sent warning letters to parents, and suic... Read More

Beloved teacher who suffered stroke in classroom credits students for saving his life

(MILFORD, Mass.) -- He may have been scared in the moment, but Milford High School senior William Pointer said it didn't stop him from jumping into action when he noticed his teacher needed medical help.

"I was terrified," said Pointer, 18... Read More

Should we be concerned with second-hand pot smoke, especially around children?

(NEW YORK) -- Is there such a thing as second-hand pot smoke? We know second-hand tobacco smoke is bad -- so bad that multiple public health interventions have led to decreased cigarette use overall. As cannabis use becomes more popular -- and legal ... Read More

Man whose blood saved over 2.4 million babies donates for the last time

(SYDNEY) -- An Australian man credited with saving the lives of over 2.4 million babies with his blood made his final donation Friday, according to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

James Harrison, nicknamed “the man with the g... Read More

Countdown to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding: Guys' guide to getting in shape for a wedding

(NEW YORK) -- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding that will be watched by viewers around the world is just days away.

While most attention focuses on how brides prepare for their wedding day, we can’t forget about th... Read More

Experimental vaccine approved for use against Ebola virus in Congo

(NEW YORK) -- As the deadly Ebola virus rises again in central Africa, health officials have decided to try a different approach to fight back.

At least 19 deaths have been tied to the current outbreak of Ebola virus in the Democratic Repu... Read More

How to copy Meghan Markle's favorite workout with a Pilates-inspired circuit

(NEW YORK) -- If Meghan Markle is like many brides, she ramped up her workouts in the weeks and months before her May 19 wedding to Prince Harry.

When Markle lived in Toronto, where she filmed the TV show "Suits," the royal-to-be trained a... Read More

Illinois mother 'blessing' daughter by serving as surrogate for her twin babies

(NEW YORK) -- Micaela Johnson says she and her mother, Sheila Gump, already function more like best friends than mother and daughter, but the two will soon share an even stronger bond.

Gump is set to deliver Johnson's twins -- her grandchi... Read More

Opioid crisis spurs sometimes-deadly abuse of popular diarrhea medicine

(NEW YORK) -- The opioid crisis has taken what the FDA calls "many new and troubling turns," and and this is one of them. Opioid addicts are buying a popular diarrhea medicine, loperamide, sold under the brand name Imodium -- to get high or as a way ... Read More

Apple Watch alerts man to serious heart condition, gives him 'new lease on life'

(HONG KONG) -- Saving a life -- there's an app for that.

Hong Kong resident Gaston D’Aquino, 76, told ABC News that he got “a new lease on life” after an alert from his Apple Watch last month that resulted in surgery to u... Read More

Visits to OB/GYN should include heart health talk: Experts

(NEW YORK) -- More than 50 percent of women consider their OB/GYN to be their most important doctor – if they can only get to one checkup, that’s the priority, according to a joint advisory from the American College of Obstetricians and G... Read More