Australian woman killed by Minneapolis police officer 'didn't have to die,' says police chief

(MINNEAPOLIS) -- Speaking publicly for the first time since the deadly officer-involved shooting, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau said Thursday the killing of Australian woman Justine Ru... Read More

Bodycam video appears to show Baltimore police officer planting evidence in drug bust, public defender says

(BALTIMORE) -- Bodycam footage allegedly shows a Baltimore police officer tampering with evidence by planting what appears to be drugs, according to the Maryland Office of the Public Defender.

The video was taken on January 24 when three p... Read More

OJ Simpson granted parole for Las Vegas robbery

(LOVELOCK, Nev.) --  O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after nine years in prison for a Las Vegas robbery, a group of Nevada commissioners decided Thursday.

The imprisoned former NFL player could be released as early as Oct. 1.
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OJ Simpson's daughter makes impassioned plea to parole board: 'We just want him to come home'

(CARSON CITY, Nev.) -- O.J. Simpson's eldest daughter made an impassioned plea at his parole hearing in Nevada Thursday, urging the board to let her father come home.

"No one really knows how much we have been through, this ordeal in the l... Read More

Ahead of OJ Simpson parole hearing, Ron Goldman's family said they may never see justice

(NEW YORK) -- Hours before O.J. Simpson is to go before a Nevada parole board, Fred and Kim Goldman, the father and sister of Ron Goldman, spoke out and said they may never see justice for the killing of their family member.

"Ron never get... Read More

A look back at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting five years later

(AURORA, Colo.) -- It was a cool summer night on July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado as Batman fans took their seats at the Century 16 movie theater for a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

The highly anticipated th... Read More

Remains found likely those of 10th Arizona flash flood victim

(PAYSON, Ariz.) -- The remains found near a debris-filled creek in central Arizona on Wednesday night are believed to be those of a 27-year-old man who went missing after a deadly flash flood over the weekend.

The Gila County Sheriff&rsquo... Read More

Salem witch trial victims remembered 325 years later

(SALEM, Mass.) -- A memorial to people who were executed on charges of witchcraft 325 years ago was unveiled on Wednesday in Salem, Massachusetts.

In 1692, Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin and 15 others were hung at the location ... Read More

What OJ Simpson juror thinks of Simpson now, two decades after criminal trial

(NEW YORK) -- A juror who served on the 1995 O.J. Simpson criminal trial says his perception of Simpson’s innocence has changed over the years, but he ultimately stands by the not guilty verdict.

“Based off the evidence as pres... Read More

Minneapolis police release 911 transcript in fatal shooting of bride-to-be from Australia

(MINNEAPOLIS) -- The Minneapolis Police Department has released transcripts of the 911 calls placed by a bride-to-be moments before a responding officer shot her to death.

Justine Ruszczyk, a 40-year-old Australian native, placed her first... Read More

Boy finds 1.2 million-year-old fossil while playing outside

(LAS CRUCES, N.M.) -- A piece of history has been found thanks to a boy stumbling upon a rare, 1.2 million-year-old animal fossil.

In November 2016, Jude Sparks, now 10, was on an outing with his family near their New Mexico home when he t... Read More