Christmas Wishes

Christmas wish slide

Christmas is a holiday full of tradition…and over the last 14 years, with YOUR help, we have created our favorite tradition…the US 92 Christmas Wish Program.

Thanks to our friends at First National Bank and the Norfolk Fraternal Order of Police who have helped us grant all of this year’s wishes.

 Did you miss a Christmas Wish on air?  Here is the audio of the 2014 Christmas Wishes

December 1 Wish for Auni Strong


December 2 Wish for Jeff James


December 3 Wish for Leanay Stanley


December 5 Wish for Skip Claytor


December 8 Wish for Jessica Roselius


December 9 Wish for Alexandria Hawthorne


December 10 Wish for Mike & Kay Tibbels and friends


December 16 Wish for Jessica


December 17 Wish for Nick & Kelli Dannenbring


December 18 Wish for Josh & Meghan Rankins


December 19 wish for Tom & Jessica Sauser


December 19 Wish for Nichola Reeves


December 22 Wish for Willie & Kylie Hollatz


December 22 Wish for Rob & Debbie Allen


December 23 Wish for Sue Meinke


December 23 Wish for Rhonda


December 24 Wish for Medel Family