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Sheila Young

Hi there! So, let's see...how much space do we have? I was born and raised in Plainview, Nebraska. I went to college at Dana in Blair, Nebraska and completed a four year Bachelor of Arts degree early by taking summer classes through Northeast Community college and UNO. While in college, I worked for two years at Z-92 in Omaha. (FYI: It was with Otis & Diver in the morning - things were quite a bit different than their current programming.) I think I was known as the "beer chick." Yes, it's funny. I know. I also interned at WOWT Channel 6 in Omaha.

In 1996, I moved to Columbus, Nebraska and was hired by KLIR101 as their News Director. After two weeks of employment, they changed their morning show, completely, to Dave Rhinehart and myself. We became known as "The Young and the Rhinehart." I continued as full-time News Director, as well.

In 2000, I received a phone call from Dave Amick, who I of course did not know. He and some guy named Mike Flood wanted to meet with me and talk about a new radio station in Norfolk. I thought it was a joke. It was not. I was hired two months before US92 went on the air as News Director. I will NEVER forget that first day on the air. What an experience! I continued on as News Director and Morning Show Co-Host with Dave. I then went to mid days for awhile (no news) and then back to Morning Show Co-Host with Mike! After our second child was born, I intended to come back, but I gave a month's notice, instead (it was fair time) and chose to stay home with the two little ones. I took a two-year "break" and have been back on the air at US92 on Sunday afternoons ever since. I also fill in, here and there.

Among my many interests (scrapbooking, reading, crafts, writing, singing, etc.) ...I love to go country dancing with my husband, Clark, and to play wii and board games with our two kids, Caleb and Shelby. We are all vacation enthusiasts.

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