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92.7FM | Norfolk, Nebraska
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US 92 Radio...Standing out in the crowd

Most businesses have one thing that make them different from their competition – US 92 has the Top 10!

1. In-studio live announcers reporting and reacting to actual area events when and where they happen. Not a satellite feed from the coast

2. Award winning news team covering Northeast Nebraska in the US 92 KTIV News 4 Norfolk News Bureau. Providing the best news coverage in the area.

3. 92 Minutes of Non-Stop Country and 30 Minutes of Continuous Country played every hour throughout the day. Consumers know that when they hear a commercial – they will are less than 20 minutes away from another continuous music sweep. No need to switch stations.

4. Maximum commercial load of 12 minutes an hour. Other stations in the area carry as many as 16 minutes worth of commercials per hour. With fewer commercials running each hour, you don't need to buy as many commercials to be effective.

5. US 92 listeners have the discretionary income to donate to good causes.

• St Jude's Children's Research Hospital Radiothon every February. This year the US 92 listeners donated over $261,000 toward the fight against cancer.

6. US 92 Christmas Wishes, listeners write letters about someone in need or deserving of having a special Christmas Wish granted. With the help of the Norfolk Police Division and local businesses, hundreds of Christmas Wishes have been granted over the years. Wishes have included putting presents under the tree of a needy family and supplying a headstone for a family who had lost their young child and couldn't afford one on their own.

7. If there is community event – US 92 knows about it, tells our listeners, and shows up too! From county fairs to street dances and chili feeds, you won't find a station that is more visible in Northeast Nebraska.

8. Family orientated station. Mom and Dad love to listen – and it's OK if the kids are in the car!

9. US92 knows how to do things BIG. From on-air contests to promotional items, large market radio ideas have been implemented in Norfolk raising the expectations of all listeners.
• Station Vehicles = Hummer and Tricked Out Semi
• Summer 2013 Rule the Road Camaro Giveaway
• Over $10,000 in cash and prizes given out every year.

10. Production capabilities. US92 has a complete, state of the art digital editing system so commercials are professionally produced.


Lydee Jo Krueger

As you know radio, becomes a part of one's life… something that wakes them up in the morning and is the last thing they hear before going to bed. As a Dairy Farmer's Daughter growing up near Oxford, Nebraska our family radio always on… in our kitchen, in our milking parlor and in my dad's 1982 Chevy Pick-up. So many memories are linked to lyrics in songs and flashback when you hear the first cord of your favorite song… I knew radio, especially COUNTRY Radio, was always going to be part of my life…little did I know that it would become my life. In May of 2005, just 10 days after graduation from UNL, I started my radio life at US92 and have loved every minute of it since. As an Account Executive at US92, I get the honor to work with the great business people of Northeast Nebraska and be the liaison between their products and our listener's patronage. From Amish Furniture to Ariat Boots, Magnum Tractors to Butter Burgers, I get to work with people and products that I believe in. I love the thrill of creating a successful promotion, and the joy of writing commercials for clients that help bring listeners into their stores. I do what I love… US92 has given me a place where I can love what I do.

I live on the Krueger Family Farm with my husband Chris and ACM's Vocal Group of the Year in 2033, my son Boston and daughters Brecken and Brynlee.

Feel free to call me at US 92 402-371-0100 or email me lydeejo@us92.com to help with your marketing plans.

Jessica Walker

Hey all! I'm Jessica and I've been with the US92 family for 5 years. I'm a born and raised country girl who now calls the metropolis of Hoskins home. When I'm not at a county fair or bull ride, you'll find me hanging out at home with my husband and 2 wonderful children. I've been in sales all my working years, but I've decided radio sales is where I'll hang my hat. I feel so blessed to be a part of the US92 family. See ya around!

I'd be happy to help you with any of your advertising and marketing needs, give me a call here at the radio station, 402-371-0100 or through email jessica@us92.com.

Cathy Maly

Veteran sales person Cathy Maly can help you with your advertising needs. Call her at 402-371-0100 or email cathy@us92.com.

You Heard It on the Radio


You Heard it on the Radio

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