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Have you lost a pet? Maybe you've found an animal. If so, the Pet Patrol is here to help. Below is our most recent listings of pets, both lost and found.

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Lost: Dog – Annie

Pet Name: Annie
Last Seen: Thursday eve East Maple Avenue, Norfolk, Ne
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Black and White Sheltie

Contact Information
Name: Lynette Wells
Phone: 402-640-6348

Lost: Cat – Tiger

Pet Name: Tiger
Last Seen: Last seen Saturday, june 24 2017. Got out of house on 12th and Philip
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Tiger stripped, white chest and paws, very large eyes, around 20 pounds, red nipple

Contact Information
Name: Katie
Phone: 4029925252

Lost: Horse – Chester

Pet Name: Chester
Last Seen: 846 th/rd Hoskins Hoskins/winside/ Stanton area
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Red w/ white socks Right leg has blue vet wrap/ has blue haulter

Contact Information
Name: Deb Ditter
Phone: 402 841 7149

Lost: Dog – Jj

Pet Name: Jj
Last Seen: Lost around shoemaker school.
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Tan and light tan shitzue male

Contact Information
Name: Micheller Robbins
Phone: 3083841136

Lost: Dog – Sox

Pet Name: Sox
Last Seen: Last seen around the 5th and park area
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Husky/German shepherd mix, short stub tail, blue eyes

Contact Information
Name: Ashley
Phone: 4028609697

Lost: dog – Happy

Pet Name: Happy
Last Seen: Last seen at home Thursday. Possible sighting around Fairplay golf course Friday.
Wearing Collar: No
Description: black w/white on paws, chest and around muzzle since she is getting older.

Contact Information
Name: Melanie
Phone: 402 649 6292

Lost: Dog – Gunner

Pet Name: Gunner
Last Seen: At home 2 miles north of hadar
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: 1 year old black lab

Contact Information
Name: Jeanette Hoffmann
Phone: 402-640-8840

Lost: Dog – Lucy

Pet Name: Lucy
Last Seen: Last seen Saturday afternoon, Feb. 4, at home 7 miles south of Norfolk along hwy 81.
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Black lab/border collie mix with white chest and feet; blue collar

Contact Information
Name: Lisa
Phone: 402-640-8763

Lost: English Bulldog – Peaches

Pet Name: Peaches
Last Seen: Backyard around 12th/Phillip (Norfolk)
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: 6 1/2 month old female puppy. Teal nylon collar. White with Tan spots.

Contact Information
Name: Marsha Matson
Phone: 402-379-0310

Found: Dog beagle – Unknown

Pet Name: Unknown
Last Seen: Battle Creek
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Older female beagle

Contact Information
Name: Mary Fleer
Phone: 402-750-7634