4-H Shooting Aims To Teach Youth Gun Basics

Antelope County is well known for its hunting community and environment.

For many avid hunters and marksman in the area, the passion of hunting and shooting has resonated since their youth. The Antelope County 4-H has shooting sports that keep the thrill and excitement alive for the next generation of gun owners and hunters.

Shooting sports aim to teach the youth the principles of hunting and archery, marksmanship, responsibility and safety of firearms, and much more.

“It’s about getting kids together, teaching them safety and how to properly and correctly handle their gun,” said Shannon Schumacher, an instructor for the class.

“At practice we teach the 4-H shooters how to handle a gun properly and safely.  We work with them on learning the four positions used in shooting competitions (Prone, Stand, Sit, Kneeling).  In general we try to help them to develop a lifelong love for shooting, and how to become a disciplined, safe, and educated shooter and gun handler,” Schumacher said.

Beginners can start with Archery and BB Gun Shooting, and after a year of BB Gun training, members can start advancing to events like air rifle shooting, air pistol shooting, .22 Silhouette shooting, and Clay Pigeon shooting.

“Members can test their marksmanship and skill at local contests and shoots around the Antelope County area. In the summer, there is a 4-H shoot at the fair, and all of the kids can compete with one another.” Schumacher said.

If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more about the program, attend any of the practices, which are held every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at the new 4-H building on the Neligh Fair Grounds. The only items needed to start out are any BB gun (no scopes), safety glasses, and BB’s. You will need a parent or guardian with you at practice to sign the parent permission form and you will have to enroll as a 4-H member online.

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