1,500 New Fish Added to Ta-Ha-Zouka

NORFOLK, NE — Winter is leaving and spring is coming.

What better way is there to spend a day?

Fishing, of course.

Thanks to the Nebraska Game and Parks Ta-Ha-Zouka Park is now fully stocked with rainbow trout, and ready for the frying pan according to Jeff Schuckman, Northeast District Fishery Supervisor with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

“We’re stocking 1,500 rainbow trout, and they are ready for the frying pan.”

Of course that isn’t the only kind of fish you can catch.

“There is quite a few fish out here, as people know in the summertime…there’s some bass and in the evenings you can catch catfish.”

So how do the fish get there?

Schuckman says that people may not realize the whole network between state agencies and federal agencies around the country that trade back and forth fish. For example,

“A lot of these trout eggs come from the west coast. They are disease free certified. There are a lot of rules and regulations on moving fish back and forth between the states.”

Ta-Ha-Zouka Park as well as Skyview are stocked twice a year. Once in October and again in March for spring. Schuckman says they are starting to run out of space, that the demand for fish outweighs their capacity.

“Unfortunately there are other communities that would like to have these fish stocked. We do prioritize and try and spread them out throughout the state because we can’t raise them by the demand from the people.”

Ta-Ha-Zouka is catch and keep with a daily bag limit of five.

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