Couple Brings Old-School Drugstores Back to Fremont

FREMONT – A new drugstore has come to Fremont after the closing of Miller Pharmacy.

Fremont Drugstore took over for Miller Pharmacy at 1900 E. Military Avenue. It was opened by married couple, Matt and Tillara Kruse, who also own a pharmacy in Scribner, NE. According to Matt Kruse, they were approached about opening a pharmacy in Fremont after Miller’s closing, approximately six months after opening their pharmacy in Scribner. Kruse says the name Fremont Drugstore comes from their wanting the community to know it’s a place for them.

“We didn’t really want our name associated with it so much,” said Kruse. “Primarily because we want Fremont to know it’s their place to come to. So that’s ultimately why we chose Fremont Drugstore. The drugstore portion and not pharmacy, because we wanted to bring back the old values of what a drugstore had.”

Kruse says the old-school idea of a drugstore is dying off, and he and his wife want to bring them back, and bring it back to Fremont. He adds the appeal of the old-school drugstore is that patients are not a number.

“Really it’s a lot with the patient-pharmacists interactions. Our pharmacists we want to get out from behind the counter,” said Kruse. “If you have questions, we don’t want you to be afraid to ask. It’s the ‘you’re not a number.’ We want to know what your concerns are, know what you want from us.”

Kruse claims one thing they stress at the drugstore is patients getting their medications on time each month.

“One of the things we’re very big on is called Meds on Time,” said Kruse, “which is a service we offer here, where we line up all your medications to fill, so you pick them up once a month. We give you a monthly phone call, just to check in, chat, see how you’re doing, and then we fill everything. So once a month you come in, you pick your stuff up, and you’re good to go.”

Kruse says they hadn’t planned on opening another drugstore so quickly after opening their first one in Scribner, but after taking time to consider it, knew it would be good for the Fremont community. He says even though Fremont Drugstore has only been open for approximately three weeks, the response from the community has been great.

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