Debate Over Debate Cut-Off, Trudges On

Debate Over Debate Cut-Off, Trudges On
Nebraska State Senator Carol Blood

BEATRICE – Nebraska lawmakers continued to slog through the debate over the rules of the body, today……specifically, whether the required number of votes to cease debate on a bill should be lowered, from 33, to 30.

Emotions run high on the issue, as some senators like Patty Pansing-Brooks says it’s an attempt to ram a political agenda through the body.

:18                  “the leadership”

Pansing-Brooks says lawmakers have been threatened with killing legislation they support, over the rules issue.

Senator Burke Harr says people were sent to the legislature to represent constituents, not special interest groups or political parties.

:36                  “be collaborative”

One of the new senators in the body, Carol Blood, says it became readily obvious to her that there are several labels involved in becoming a state senator.

:17                  “get stuff done”

Blood suggests her colleagues quit the labeling….and as a non-partisan body, rise above their differences.

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