Dodge County in Good Financial Shape, Treasurer Says

Dodge County in Good Financial Shape, Treasurer Says
Dodge County Courthouse

FREMONT – Dodge County released the treasurer’s semi-annual report for Jan. 1 of this year to June 30.

Dodge County treasurer Cathy Dill explained where the numbers come from for the report.

According to Dill, the county starts with a beginning balance on Jan. 1, they then collect fees throughout the next six months and they also disburse funds to places such as their “road fund”, leaving them with an ending balance on June 30.

Dill said that the county is required to put a semi-annual report together twice a year.

For this semi-annual report, the county started with a beginning balance of $16,936,658.05, collected $54,153,795.64, disbursed $56,501,370.39 and finished with $14, 589,083.29.

Dill said that the $2.3 million difference between the beginning and ending balance is not uncommon and you will see that in prior semi-annual reports. She said that it’s possible there just may have been more disbursements in the past six months.

“I think our county is in good financial shape. I know we have no debt and we’re in pretty good shape with investments,” said Dill.

According to Dill, the most that you’re going to pay in your real estate taxes will go to the county, all state and school district funds.

Dill said that the county gets a commission from the state for collecting fees that fall under state funds and school district funds.

You can find the full Dodge County treasurer’s semi-annual report by clicking the link below.

Semi-Annual Statement

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