Fairbury Working with Plymouth to Get Gatling Gun Displayed for 125th Anniversary

FAIRBURY – Last week, Fairbury City Council came to an agreement to allow Plymouth to display a Gatling Gun during Plymouth’s 125th Anniversary in August.

Fairbury City Administrator Collin Bielser says they are working with Plymouth in making sure the gun is transported safely and properly insured.

Bielser says, “The city, at no point, had a problem with accommodating that request. The only thing that the City of Fairbury wanted to make sure is, that it was properly insured, in case something were to happen. We did have [the gun] appraised by a professional appraiser, the cost for that service was split between Plymouth and the City of Fairbury, just to show a sign of cooperation between our two entities.

Fairbury City Museum Board President, Ben McBride, has been taking care of the gun for the last seven years, claiming he brought it back to operable form.

McBride tells News Channel Nebraska that once it comes back from Plymouth, he would personally like to see it stay in the city museum.

“Then, what we would like to do is, the war room itself is under construction and still open to the public, but the war room is going to go under a complete change about, so I’d like to see it stay in the war room. Then, we can put the veteran’s memorial plaque or whatever we can do to make it so it stays in Fairbury.”

Last week McBride stood in front of the Fairbury City Council to discuss his views on the dispute over the Gatling Gun (click here to see previous story).

Chairman of the Plymouth Village Board, Fred Meyer spoke to News Channel Nebraska after the meeting about what McBride had to say: “I understand where Ben was coming from, I really do, but I think they just looked at the three days. That’s all I asked. The long term solution, I think would be something that we can work on because, as a veteran, this was given to the town of Plymouth as a war memorial. It’s not a museum piece.”


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