Gage County Probation Announced in Drug Possession, DUI Case

BEATRICE – Concurrent terms of probation were handed to a Gage County man Wednesday, who had earlier pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Todd Parde was sentenced by Gage County District Judge Rick Schreiner.  Parde told the judge he’s battled addiction for a long time, but has sought treatment.

:12                  “helping myself”

The judge credited Parde for speaking at some length, and acknowledging his addiction.

:17                  “depends on it”

The judge ordered a three-year term of probation on the drug possession conviction and a concurrent one-year probation sentence for the DUI conviction. Parde was fined $500, ordered to pay court costs of $153 and barred from operating a motor vehicle for 60 days.

The sentence also includes 10 hours of community service per week, unless Parde is employed at least 24 hours a week.