Major Storm Damage in West Beatrice, Along LaSalle Street

BEATRICE – Major damage from Friday night’s severe storms has been done along South LaSalle Street in Beatrice, for a block south of Court Street.

High winds, either from a tornado or straight-line thunderstorm gusts, blew the roof off a building owned by Homestead Glass, at that location.   The winds knocked down power poles and lines, rolled a small storage building, and tore the roof from the porch of a home along the west side of LaSalle Street.

Sherry Davis, of Beatrice says the high winds hit her son’s house.

:05                  “the good news”

Davis said she had some damage in her neighborhood, but the LaSalle Street damage may be among the worst in the city.

:08                  “I’ve seen”

Davis says the canopy over a rear porch on her son’s home, was ripped away in the strong winds.

:11                  “it’s a mess”

Davis said a chimney on the home was also knocked down.

:07                  “up there”

The high winds topped off all of the trees behind the house.  The glass business is next to the house.

:05                  “gone, too”

One man who lives in the area told KWBE he believes he saw a funnel along West Mary Street last night, when the damage was done.   South LaSalle Street south of West Court remained closed, Saturday, because of the downed power equipment and debris.