National Guard Battalion Headquarters Transferring to Columbus

COLUMBUS – Columbus will be home to a Nebraska National Guard engineer battalion following an announcement Tuesday.

State of Nebraska Deputy Adjutant General Rick Dahlman met with Mayor Mike Moser in City Hall Wednesday morning, to discuss the impact Columbus will see from the recently announced transformation of the Nebraska National Guard.

Governor Pete Ricketts announced the transformation on Tuesday, which will see the battalion headquarters and forward support company of an engineering unit in Fairfield, Iowa, being transferred to Columbus. The battalions move to Columbus is inline with a three-way transfer that also involves the Missouri National Guard.

Dahlman says their is a pretty new armory in Columbus that they are very proud to utilize, and says these changes will provide great opportunities for soldiers in the area.

Dahlman says, “The footprint here will expand out, a little bit like I said with the command and control, with some interaction between the Hastings, and York, and Wahoo teams that will be apart of command and control through here.

Dahlman says the Army National Guard has made changes in the past but says this time they were able to be a part of the transformation process, and says because of this the changes they are making will be very beneficial to the state.