PART THREE: Taser Training and Usage

NORFOLK, NE –Brace yourself for the 50,000 volts of electricity.

That’s what I was told.

Recently there has been a lot of stigmas when it comes to the use of tasers, according to Madison County Deputy and Taser Instructor, Raphael Rayos.

“Tasers are not a substitute for deadly force…It’s safer to use than strikes and fighting people…We give them tools, just like a firearm and they have to use their judgement at that time.”

That’s why with some tasers, a paper trail is left behind when used.

“The officer can’t tamper with it, not even the people who are downloading the information can tamper with it.”

Tasers are an essential tool in their line of defense, after all the purpose of a taser is to shock, not kill.

Part of training includes different taser scenarios.

Deputy Greenough, whose background is in EMS, says there is a lot more to viral videos we see of alleged deaths caused by tasers.

“There are people who are under the influence of drugs and just wrestling them to the ground, that fight alone can be enough for them. I’ve seen someone personally die after injecting two grams of meth, and there’s nothing we could have done and we were helping them as much as we could. It could have been a situation where he’s a big guy 330+ lbs, if we would have fought him and he was tased, the fight alone would have been enough.”

You may ask, why not use pepper spray?

Greenough says, “pepper sprays takes time to work. If you spray someone you didn’t shut them down, they didn’t stop. If I lose my eyes I can still get ahold of you, I still can grab, I can still punch and swing a knife. Those are the drawbacks of pepper sprays, it’s effective but there are certain people it won’t affect at all.”

Tasers are another force option, a replacement for physical force rather than lethal force.

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