Price, Norfolk Fans Remember 1987 Championship

LINCOLN — 30 years ago, it was the shot heard around the state.

Chris Price hit the game winning jumper to earn Norfolk their first state basketball championship.
“We were down by one… we threw it down in the corner and it went through,” Price said.  “It was a good deal.”
That was in 1987… now in 2017, the Panthers have yet to win another title.  But Norfolk and Price’s son, TJ, are in the Class A championship game.  Chris says he’s confident in their chances.
“This whole team, I mean, they’re just a great group of kids,” Price said.  “I’m nervous, we’re excited, I think they’re going to play well.  I do firmly believe they’re going to get it done.  I know what awaits them if they get it done.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”
It’s not just Chris Price who remembers, though.  Arnie Robinson was in elementary school in 87 and recalls being in the crowd at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.
“It was crazy.  The place went nuts,” Robinson said.  “I was in third grade and it was every little boy’s dream to see something like that.”
And to bring the Panthers extra luck, Robinson wore a special shirt.
“This was my dad’s shirt back in 1987 after the Panthers won,” Robinson said.
Mike Fuehrer was covering the game for the newspaper and thinks Price’s defense could have been greater than his shot.
“Well I certainly remember his defense, I though that was the play of the game actually,” Fuehrer said.
Fuehrer says Price’s shot was so special because it’s what every kid practices in the driveway.
“They do that, five, four, three, two, one, shot! To hit that game winning shot.  Whether you’re a first grader, or in junior high player, or (any player),” Fuehrer said.
Now, Chris has some simple advice for his son if he happens to be in the game during the closing seconds.
“Better make it.  Shoot it and make it. Have some faith,” Price said.

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