Providence Medical Center Signs As First ApprenticeshipUSA Hospital In Nebraska

WAYNE – It was an exciting day for Providence Medical Center on Wednesday, as they made another step in the hospital business.

Along with PMC’s $15 million-dollar renovation and expansion, Providence signed on with ApprenticeshipUSA to become the first hospital in Nebraska to do so. Boone County in Albion will be the second and will have their ceremony soon as well.

Kathy Jasa is the Director of Patient Financial Services (medical records). She received an email a couple of months ago and saw there was some grant money through AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association).

“I had a need for a certified coder,” said Jasa. “They also mentioned Clinical Documentation and that’s a field that I’m interested in and we have a need for that at the facility as well.”

Providence Medical Center has entered into partnership with the Department of Labor (DOL) and AHIMA, to provide on the job learning at no cost. Thanks to a grant of $9 million dollars to AHIMA, about $30-$35,000 will cover the training and schooling for four PMC employees.

The Apprenticeship program has been around for many years, but was only open to those in the industrial and factory trades. This is the first year it has been open for healthcare.

Tessa Moser is a Medical Records Clerk and was the first registrant to sign into the Health Information Management (HIM) Hospital Coder/Coding Professional Apprenticeship. She is extremely proud to receive this honor.

“I first want to thank Kathy, my boss, she’s the one that took the initiative to fill out the application for us,” Moser added. “I know that Providence will benefit big from this, just helping out with the patients and making sure they get the care that they need.”

Barbara Glondys is an Apprenticeship Navigator and Dean Guido is the Region V Director through the Department of Labor as both spoke during the presentation. Jim Frank, CEO of PMC was also a speaker.

Along with Moser signing on Wednesday, Yasa and Tammie Thomsen (Registered Nurse) will sign in the fall for the Clinical Documentation and Improvement and Stephanie Smith (Medical Records Clerk) will sign with the Data Analysis program at a later date.

For those who are not familiar with Coding, Moser explains she’ll have more opportunities to broaden her coding skills in different areas.

“So, I’ll be the one looking at the doctor’s documentation to make sure that the diagnoses gets put on the claim for insurance purposes,” Moser mentioned.

Moser is working to get her Registered Health Information Tech (RHIT) and will conclude her schooling through Central Community College online next Spring. She’ll then take the RHIT test and following the Apprenticeship program next June Moser will then take the Certified Coding Specialists through AHIMA before being certified in coding.

Along with Coding other Apprenticeship programs include Clinical Documentation and Improvement, Data Analysis and Business Analysis.

Jasa added this puts another feather in Providence Medical Center’s cap.

“We already have good-quality employees here that do their very best,” Jasa added. “But it just takes us to that next level and its just kind of stamp of certification for what we do provide.”

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