Tornado Comes Just a Few Miles from Syracuse

Tornado Comes Just a Few Miles from Syracuse
Photo Credit: Daniel Moyer

SYRACUSE – A tornado touched down in rural Otoe County on Saturday afternoon, just miles from Syracuse.

Just after 5 p.m. a tornado was reported just four miles from the town of nearly 2,000 people.

Gregg Goebel of the Otoe County Emergency Management says that the storm is moving east and a bit north. He received reports that the tornado was one mile north of Dunbar, as well as N and G road in Otoe County.

He still is unsure if the storm touched ground.

“We had a lot of people that could see it, but nobody was in a good enough position to see if it was on the ground or whether it roped out,” says Goebel.

No damage from the tornado has been reported.

The storm was visible from inside Syracuse city limits.

Ryan McIntosh has a house in northeast Syracuse and says he was outside with his family when he saw the twister and he saws it appears the tornado touched ground.

“Looked like there was a funnel kind of touching down and then it did touch down. Kicked up some dirt right away, we took the kids inside. So by the time I got the kids down in the basement, came back out, I noticed by neighbors were all in the street looking at it,” says McIntosh.

“I don’t know how close it got to Syracuse but it never really got very windy.”

McIntosh says that he did not feel any wind from the storm and it was out of view in a span of a few minutes.

Goebel says the possibility of more tornadoes Saturday is low, but never count it out.

“Looking at the current satellite, it does not look like it, but this Nebraska anything can happen,” says Goebel.

Reports of large hail have also been reported in the area.

Photo Credit: Trever Alexander Kreifel
Photo Credit: Katrina Esser

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