Wayne Youth Baseball Set For Tri-County League Thursday Games, Wayne Youth Tournament Scheduled For June 17-18

WAYNE – Youth baseball games for the Wayne White/Blue, Didget/Bronco teams are scheduled for Thursday evening (correction from Sports Grams).

The Whites will host Wisner while the Blues will visit the Pierce White. Both games are scheduled for 6/7:45 p.m.

The Wayne White Didgets are 2-5 on the season, Wayne Blue Didgets (3-2), White Broncos (5-2) and Blue Broncos (6-1).

Also, the 2017 Wayne Youth Baseball Tourney is scheduled for this weekend at the Summer Sports Complex. The Wayne Baseball Association will be the host for the tourney on Saturday and Sunday, June 17-18.

Teams competing in the Didget division are Wayne, Pender, Dakota Valley Thunder and Wisner.

 Didget schedule:

 Saturday– June 17, 2017:

9:30 Pender -v- Wayne

11:30 Dakota Valley Thunder – v- Wisner

2:00 Dakota Valley Thunder – v- Pender

4:00 Wayne – v- Wisner

Sunday- June 18, 2017:

12:00 Wisner – v- Pender

2:00 Wayne – v- Dakota Valley Thunder

Bronco teams include West Point Royals, Pender, Logan View Gold, Blair and Wayne.

 Bronco schedule:

Saturday- June 17, 2017​ All games played on the southeast field:

9:00 West Point Royals- v- Pender

11:00 Loganview Gold -v- Blair

1:00 Pender -v- Wayne

3:00 Blair -v- West Point

5:00 Wayne -v-Loganview Gold

Sunday- June 18, 2017 ​games played on southeast (SE) and southwest (SW) fields:

11:00 Wayne -v- West Point Royals (SE field)

1:00 Blair -v- Pender (SE field)

1:30 West Point Royals -v- Loganview Gold (SW field)

3:30 Blair-v-Wayne (SE field)

4:00 Pender -v- Loganview Gold (SW field)

The Pony division will be broken down into two leagues. The American League will have Wayne, Dakota Valley Thunder and the Sioux City Townhouse Huskies while the National League will feature Wisner, Blair and South Sioux City Reds.

Pony schedule:

Saturday: June 17, 2017:

10:00 Dakota Valley Thunder -v- Wayne (NW)

10:30 Wisner -V- Blair (SW)

12:30 Sioux City Huskies -v- Dakota Valley Thunder (NW)

1:00 Blair -v- South Sioux City Reds (SW)

3:00 Wayne -v- Sioux City Huskies (NW)

3:30 South Sioux City Reds -v- Wisner (SW)

Sunday: June 18, 2017:

11:15 3 vs 3 (SW)

11:30 2 vs 2 (NW)

1:30 1 vs 1 (NW)

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