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Fundraiser To Help Norfolk Man Keep Hunting With Lifelong Illness

NORFOLK-One northeast Nebraska man has set up a fundraiser to help his friend continue to hunting well into the future.

Tyson Freeman-"Muscular Dystrophy is my life, but I tell you what hunting is my disease."

This motto created by 21 year old Tyson Freeman of Norfolk has stuck with him, while also inspiring others. Freeman was diagnosed with limb gridle muscular dystrophy at the age of 13, a disease that affects movement in a person's shoulder muscles and hips, progressively gets worse overtime.

Freeman has immersed himself in hunting since his diagnosis, and reached out out to Landon Ziemba, co-creator of Buck Brothers Outdoors, nearly two years ago about being apart of the groups production crew. The two quickly bonded over their love for hunting and Ziemba says he doesn't want the good times to end anytime soon.

Ziemba-"I just got to thinking one day, whats a way I can help Tyson continue hunting longer? Be with us longer to share our stories and all of our adventures together."

Ziemba found out about the Action TrackChair, a wheel chair designed for the outdoors. With the cost of the chair ranging from 13 to 15 thousand dollars, he set up a fundraiser for Tyson to help raise the money in early April. The fundraiser for the Action TrackChair is closing in on seven thousand dollars with a goal of raising the 13 thousand dollars needed to purchase it.

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