Game Of Hearts Casino Night Draws in Crowd for Life-Saving App

NORFOLK, NE — 1,000 people die every day in the United States from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Faith Regional Health Services plans to change that through a fundraising event, Game of Hearts Cas... Read More

NORFOLK, NE — How are Solar Eclipses predicted? Through math and science of course. Northeast Community College Chemistry and physics instructor, Kim Timperley, simply explains that it’s when the moon passing between earth and the sun, it... Read More

COLUMBUS - A Columbus man could be facing some prison time, after being arrested for falsifying a morphine prescription. Daniel Ernst, 62, is facing a felony charge for falsifying a prescription for morphine pills, says court documents. Ernst, all... Read More

Susan Littlefield reports....... Read More

DAVID CITY, Neb. - David City Public Schools recently hired a retired high school administrator to fill in for Chad Fuller, who is still in rehab. According to David City principal Chad Denker, former Seward assistant principal and athletic direct... Read More

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Two people died in a train versus car crash in Lincoln early Friday morning, authorities said. Lincoln Police said the Amtrak train hit the car at the railroad crossing near South Folsom and West South streets around 12:30 a... Read More

FREMONT - Sarpy County Public Works has closed 234th Street between Pflug Road and US  Highway 6. Due to emergency conditions, the bridge north of Pflug Road has been closed to traffic. The bridge is closed to all traffic, and the roadway closure... Read More

COLUMBUS, Neb. - A Columbus man will be spending some time in jail after being sentenced on Friday. 49-year-old Ronald Stewart was sentenced to a combined two and half to three and a half years in prison by Judge Robert Steinke in Platte County Di... Read More

COLUMBUS - An effort by the Columbus community, has shown that it cares for both the families and students attending the local schools. Jenna Clark recently began working on ways to give back to the community, and her and her family decided they w... Read More

NORFOLK -- A local Chiropractor has earned statewide honors following the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association's annual meeting in Kearney last week. Dr. David Timmerman of Norfolk, was awarded the Chiropractor of the Year award for contribut... Read More

BEATRICE - "This is an event that people are not going to forget about. The benefit, too, is that the park gets visibility and people learn about this really important story of homesteading. This is what settled the west. We helped build our economy,... Read More