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LENRD Approves $500k Aerial Survey Program

NORFOLK - The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District Board of Directors debated a proposal to approve aerial electromagnetic surveying of parts of the district in Wayne, Pierce, and Madison Counties. Board Chair Joel Hansen said that this work will be similar to work done in previous years in the Clarkson and Howells area, and uses technology that was originally used by mining companies to analyze subsurface materials...

Hansen: "We want to use that information because we want to see the same thing, we want to know what kind of material is below the surface. Because if we have clays, clay soil doesn't hold water capacity very well but sands and gravels do. So when we start looking for aquifers for people to develop wells in , you want a lot of sands and gravels in order to get a good well."

The project carries a $500,000 price tag and will be approved by the LENRD budget committee. NRD staff said that they plan to begin the project in the early fall of 2014, and would like to perform similar work in other areas of the NRD over the subsequent years and confirm the findings of the aerial surveys with the use of traditional aquifer confirmation technology.

The NRD board approved this on an 8-3 vote with board members Ken Peitzmeir, Bob Huntley, and Dave Shelton voting no.

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