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Madison County Gets A Look at One and Six Year Street Plans

MADISON - Residents of Madison County can expect a steady stream of construction projects over the next year. The Madison County Board of Commissioners Tuesday approved the One and Six Year Street Plan. County Highway Superintendent Dick Johnson says the next year of construction includes the beginning of the final phase of the Northeast Industrial Highway Project. Johnson says the coming construction season will also see the completion of the final mile of the three-mile project on 541st Avenue heading south into Lindsay.

Johnson: "Basically what we'll do is go in this spring and grind up the asphalt and re-compact it really well to use it for a base. Then we'll come in and put concrete overlay on top of it and tie it into the Highway 32 right-of-way."

Johnson says he expects that project to be done by May or June. He says the one-year plan also includes a number of bridge improvements along the Elkhorn River following the 2010 flood. In all, the one-year plan has 30 total projects carrying a price tag of about $13 million.

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