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Scheer Holds Luncheon with Madison County Business Leaders

LINCOLN-One of the highlights from Madison County Day at the capital included having a meal with their districts legislative representative.

State Senator Jim Scheer of Norfolk sat down with a group of 20 business leaders from Norfolk and Madison over lunch to discuss how the legislative process works.

As far as policy measures go, Scheer says there are still a lot of priority bills to be discussed in the final days of this legislative session.

Sen. Scheer: "I think the last time I checked there were 80 or more. When you only have 20 some days, and bear in mind its not that we get to talk about them once, we get to talk about them three times. When you have that many bills in that many days and talking about them three times it's not all going to get done.

Scheer says two issues which will take a lot of the legislature's time going forward include allocating money for state water projects and whether or not to expand Medicaid in the state.

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