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NDOR Explains Rules for New Two-Lane Roundabout

NORFOLK - Norfolk's first two-lane roundabout opened this week at the intersection of Norfolk Avenue and Victory Road.  Officials with the Nebraska Department of Roads' Norfolk office say so far, traffic has flowed well through the intersection, and there have been no incidents. Doug Lollman is the project manager for the roundabout. He says there are a few things to remember for folks experiencing the intersection for the first time.

Lollman:  "Make sure you are in the correct lane prior to entering it, yielding to any vehicles that are in the roundabout and then once in the roundabout, don't stop. Continue on through. Do not yield to someone trying to enter. Once in the roundabout you have the right of way."

Norfolk residents can expect another similar roundabout some time within the next few years. The City Council on Monday approved plans for another roundabout to be constructed at the intersection of Highway 275 and 37th Street. We performed a ridealong with the DOR to demonstrate how to navigate the new roundabout. You can find that video on our Facebook page or at our website.

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