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Pierce Prom Plunge Photos Gets Love on Social Media

Photo Courtesy of Andy White of Pierce

PIERCE-A Northeast Nebraska prom group is the newest social media sensation.

22 students came to the home of Andy and Tami White to take pictures before Pierce High School's prom last Saturday.

Andy White says he gave his daughter Alisha and her friends permission to come take photos at their house.

White: "They have done that in the past, usually inside. They decided to come and get a picture on a couple of the bridges here and they didn't opt for the more sturdy one and they got 21 or 22 of them on this back one and it turned out to be a little too much weight.

All that weight caused the group to take dip in the White's 4 foot deep pond behind their house.

Minus a few scraps and a ton of wet tuxes and dresses, the group made it out with no serious injuries.

By the end of Saturday night, the gang was the talk of Pierce.

Then Pierce Senior Lane Rohrich posted a picture of the incident to Twitter Sunday.

Rohrich-"And within two minutes I had 35 retweets from just my regular followers. Then I took a nap to recooperate from prom. By two hours later I had 3 thousand retweets and now we are up to 40 thousand retweets and favorites and we are still moving up."

Through all the new found fame, these students have learned what type of impact a single post on social media site can have.

Rohrich: "Everyone really needs to be careful what they put on the internet because there is always a way to get to it. Just be safe about everything and you will be fine."

As of Tuesday afternoon, the photo has over 47,000 retweets and over 57,000 favorites on Twitter.

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