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Have you lost a pet? Maybe you've found an animal. If so, the Pet Patrol is here to help. Below is our most recent listings of pets, both lost and found.

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Found: dog – Unknown Pet Name

Pet Name: Unknown Pet Name
Last Seen: last seen heading west on cowboy trail 2 miles west of Broken bridge.
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: medium size tan dog-short hair-red collar

Contact Information
Name: Linda Scranton
Phone: 402-841-1639

Lost: Cat – Sassy

Pet Name: Sassy
Last Seen: At my house on Saturday, November 8th. Vernon Avenue in western heights.
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Calico; grey, black and brown, female, not declawed.

Contact Information
Name: Sarah Thayer
Phone: 4026496783

Lost: Dog – Macy & Zona

Pet Name: Macy & Zona
Last Seen: Northwest of Madison
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: yellow lab & silver lab

Contact Information
Name: Kayla
Phone: 402-750-7702