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Have you lost a pet? Maybe you've found an animal. If so, the Pet Patrol is here to help. Below is our most recent listings of pets, both lost and found.

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Found: Chocolate Lab – Unknown Pet Name

Pet Name: Unknown Pet Name
Last Seen: It showed up at our house last night about 6:30. We have it in the garage.
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Female, Brown in color with white on chest and a little on paws

Contact Information
Name: Jeff Pasold
Phone: 402 649-0387

Lost: Very fat adult gray male – Lucky

Pet Name: Lucky
Last Seen: He was last seen this morning at 308 S victory road
Wearing Collar: No
Description: He is almost 2 years old very heavy with short light stripe gray

Contact Information
Name: Beth
Phone: 402-649-1354

Found: DOG – Unknown

Pet Name: Unknown
Last Seen: Found 1/2 mi West of Highway 81. 2 miles North of Hadar. Arrived on Monday Morning.
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Mature Chocolate Lab Mix

Contact Information
Name: Lydee Jo Krueger
Phone: 402-379-1727

Found: Dog – Unknown Pet Name

Pet Name: Unknown Pet Name
Last Seen: SW of Clarkson
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: golden lab w/ yellow collar & metal latch

Contact Information
Name: Brian
Phone: 402-276-5426

Lost: Cat – Trudy

Pet Name: Trudy
Last Seen: Last seen Wednesday evening August 24; 12th St & Phillip Ave (Central Norfolk)
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Adult female, black and white, thin

Contact Information
Name: Stacey
Phone: 402-379-3128

Lost: Dog – Boston

Pet Name: Boston
Last Seen: Five miles east of hoskins just off hwy35
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Shitzu answers to the name boston

Contact Information
Name: Michael Brogren
Phone: 4025654816

Lost: Beagle – Domino

Pet Name: Domino
Last Seen: College View area (Sheridan Drive) at Noon on Sunday.
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Black, tan, and white beagle. Should have tag with our phone number, 379-0225

Contact Information
Name: Michael Meuret
Phone: 402-379-0225

Lost: German Shorthair dog – Misty

Pet Name: Misty
Last Seen: Last seen in west Neligh Monday morning. (8/15/2016)
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Large dog with brown head and liver spotted body. Bobbed tail. Female.

Contact Information
Name: Jerry Martin
Phone: 402-887-4573

Lost: Cat – Oliver

Pet Name: Oliver
Last Seen: 13th and Prospect Avenue
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Orange Tabby, declawed on the front, older cat, very thin, very friendly

Contact Information
Name: Whitney
Phone: 402-841-1126

Lost: Dog – Jagger

Pet Name: Jagger
Last Seen: Tuesday 8/16 at 9:30 pm
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Black Boston bulldog mix. Has white on neck and chest. Wearing a red collar.

Contact Information
Name: Brooke
Phone: 402-750-0910