Grand Island Post Office Stamped with Controversy

GRAND ISLAND, Neb.- Mayor Jeremy L Jehense expressed is at odds with plans to move the downtown post office.

The US Postal Service is considering relocating the office located at 204 W. South Front, right in the heart of the city. The office would move to 3835 W Old Potash Highway which is about 10 minutes from the downtown location.

According to the mayor the new site would also come with a dangerous and congested intersection.

The move would take place before June 30, 2018.

According to a letter from Bobbi Hergenreter, the Real Estate Specialist representing the United States Postal Service, the detailed proposal would be submitted to the public for their feedback.

Everyone is able to submit written comments and questions.

“Our commitment to customer service remains a priority. We will continue to provide the reliable service our customers need” Hergenreter wrote.

Mayor Jehesen says the city administration does not support the move. “I was very disappointed that you did not listen to the concerns of our citizens at the public meeting that you requested, but made an announcement and left the place without taking into account the opinions of our residents, “Jehensen wrote.

The current location of the post office is an important component of the downtown business district and, “what is more important,” said the Mayor, is that it is accessible to many pedestrians who rely on the ability to walk to the post office from home.

“The feeling within our community is that all this is governmental theater, that the decision to move has already been made, and its processes and communications to our community are simple satisfactory legal requirements. I hope to be wrong” said Mayor Jehensen.

Right now it appears more members of the public oppose the move than support it.

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