Several Arrested for Prostitution in Omaha

Several Arrested for Prostitution in Omaha
Several arrested during a raid in Omaha. Details here.

OMAHA, Nebraska. – 13 people have been arrested in an undercover prostitution operation near 75th and Center in Omaha.

Nine women and four men were, including an Hispanic man and woman, were arrested in a joint law enforcement operation including Omaha Police and the FBI.

A complete list of those arrested:

Nery Mazariegos-Alvarado (1-2-75), Solicitation of Prostitution

Katie Freimark (2-22-87), Solicitation of Prostitution, Prostitution and CCW-not gun (stun gun)

Krystal Harbin (8-7-82), Solicitation of Prostitution, Prostitution, and Possession of Methamphetamine approximately 4.6gms

Michelle Eastman (4-19-68), Solicitation of Prostitution, Prostitution

Lu Kut (7-14-79), Solicitation of Prostitution

Angelina Williams (9-2-97), Solicitation of Prostitution, Prostitution

Frank Emsick (11-17-69), Solicitation of Prostitution

Kenneth Be (4-21-59), Solicitation of Prostitution

Juan Pena (9-12-95), Solicitation of Prostitution

Breanna Russ (7-3-90), Solicitation of Prostitution, Prostitution

Jhaneese Burks (7-26-95), Prostitution

As a result of follow-up conducted, two individuals were arrested for pandering:

Tiera Rowsey-Harris (10-30-92)

Brandon Carr (12-25-85)

A total of 11 suspects were arrested for Misdemeanor Prostitution Charges
One of the 11 suspects was arrested for Felony Possession of Meth.
Two suspects were arrested for felony pandering.